Where’s the Spotify Web Application?

So I subscribe to both Spotify and Rdio for on demand music.  Why two services, you ask.  Well, I originally subscribed to Rdio so I could use their API on a project I am working on (more on that later…).  Then Spotify finally came to the U.S., and needing to be one of the cool people, I subscribed; not realizing there was no web application.  I like Spotify’s application, but I don’t want to install it on both of my laptops, the computer in the kitchen, the one at the office, etc.  Also, without a web based app, how do a create an application with their API that is truly useful?  So I guess what I am saying is “hey Spotify, build a web application, or your going to loose me”.  Seems so Rhapsody 2003.

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