Do you TRUST your DJ?

So I walked into PlayNetwork the other morning, and was making my morning tea, when I noticed the overhead was playing some classic jazz – no idea who it was, but I was enjoying it.  It kind of struck me that here I was listening to something I was completely unfamiliar with, yet I trusted it was good, and that the next song would probably also be something interesting; I asked myself why I felt this way, and it struck me, it was because I ‘trusted my DJ’.  I know the music programmers at PlayNetwork don’t put together crap, so I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt instead of ‘changing the station’.

Commercial radio have transformed DJ’s into voices, but don’t trust them to pick music anymore.  What is interesting is that with the tracking capabilities of the ‘Personal People Monitors’ that are used to track ratings, it has been shown how much people will jump from station to station when they here a song they don’t like or are unfamiliar with.  If they actually trusted their DJ, would they be so quick to move?  If commercial radio empowered their DJ’s to be more than voices, and allowed that trust to be rebuilt, would you see as much jumping around?  Looking at the success of stations like KEXP and KCRW, which do have real DJ’s, I think they would – what do you think?

Do you trust your DJ?

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