Remember sitting in front of that giant console stereo that your parents (or grandparents) had sitting in their living room – you know the type, straight out of the 1950’s; it had giant plasticy black nobs, and you would turn it on and there would be that low click and then that hum as the tubes started to warm up.  An audiophiles nightmare, but for those of us old enough to remember, there is a certain warmth to the thought.  That is Tube Hum.

So a little about me.  I am a computer consultant and entrepreneur living in greater Seattle, WA.  I have always had a love of music, even though I have never been much of a musician.  I have, however been involved in music technology since 1995, and computer code is now my instrument.  If you walk into your local Starbucks, you will hear the fruits of my labors, as I designed and originally wrote a good chunk of the code in the audio players that they use.  I currently have several music related projects in the works, as well as still doing consulting work for several commercial music providers.  When I’m not sitting in front of a screen, I like to cook, bike, and cut up expensive wood in my workshop; I am known to even spend some time with my family every once in a while also.

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