Where’s the Spotify Web Application?

So I subscribe to both Spotify and Rdio for on demand music.  Why two services, you ask.  Well, I originally subscribed to Rdio so I could use their API on a project I am working on (more on that later…).  Then Spotify finally came to the U.S., and needing to be one of the cool people, I subscribed; not realizing there was no web application.  I like Spotify’s application, but I don’t want to install it on both of my laptops, the computer in the kitchen, the one at the office, etc.  Also, without a web based app, how do a create an application with their API that is truly useful?  So I guess what I am saying is “hey Spotify, build a web application, or your going to loose me”.  Seems so Rhapsody 2003.

Discovering New Music Through Movie Soundtracks

So I was listening to the ‘Big Lebowski’ soundtrack this morning on Spotify; this wasn’t the actual soundtrack CD but a playlist that someone else had put together, so the tracks were all taken from their original CD’s.  As I am listening to this very eclectic mix of music, it hit me that this could be a great form of music discovery.

What if you could get a giant database of movie soundtrack music and use that for creating a playlists.  Not only do you have the standard relationships between tracks (artist, albums, genres), but you also have the relationships between movies, as well the related emotions attached those movies.  Start with your favorite movie, and branch off from there.  You may discover some new music, and possibly some new movies to watch.

Anybody know of a database of movie music?


So I have attempted to maintain a couple of blogs in the past, but they all have been project based (musicofinterest.com, whattoplaynext.com); this is because when you create a project, your supposed to have a blog to talk about it, right?  The problem has been that since they were all project centric, it didn’t make sense to talk about anything else on them – my marketing department would shoot me!  I was about to make the same mistake again, but then said screw it, I’m going to create a blog that is not named after a project, and I am going to talk about whatever I want on it.  So that is what this is.  Yes, I will be making announcements about my latest projects, but will also talk about the development process going on around those projects, as well as the way to many ideas swirling around my head, especially around music.